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Additional Volume & Tone For Erg 121


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I got my hands on a Yamaha ERG 121 and decided to make it a project guitar.

What I'm trying to do to the poor guitar is more or less show in a image below. My problem is that the two volumes should work as independent volumes. What happens is that when either of the volumes are 'off' it also shuts down the other signal. As I understand it the signal goes to the ground through the 'closed' volume potentiometer. However same kind of wiring works in my other guitar (Gibson SG wannabe-)

For the neck and middle pickups I'm using a two pole on-on-on switch witch I've bridged to act as a 3-way switch. For the bridge I have a on-on switch for selecting single coil / humbucker mode. The neck and middle pickups are original Yamaha ERG 121 pickups and the bridge I've changed to Ibanez V8 bridge humbucker that was left over by my friend replacing the RG 1750 V8 with DiMarzio Evo pickup.

By the way could you recommend me some fairly good quality and pretty easy to implement diagram about a separate pickup pre-amp with two inputs and one output? It should be able to be installed inside the guitar. That should also solve the problem above?

Thank you in advance!-) As you've already guessed I'm a complete noob with electronics and guitar wiring. I'm able to make decent soldering though :D

Best Regards:



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Status update:

I tried the neck / middle circuit and bridge circuit separately. They work fine. I also 'borrowed' a 3-way switch from my SG replica and tried that on the custom wiring. The volume knobs still worked wrong way when the 3-way switch was at middle position.

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