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Hi Everyone, This is my first post and it's a "Wanted". I'm looking for a full size drawing or a CAD drawing of a Hofner "Beatle Bass". I have just finished my first project, a "Gibson" SG and I want to make the bass next. The SG was made from a drawing and I would prefare to work the same way with the Hofner. The SG drawing was dowloaded for free off the net but up to now I haven't had any luck with the Hofner bass. Do any of you have any idea where I can pick up one of these drawings ? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards and greetings to all, Sam.

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If you know the scale length of the bass, just find a full-on picture of it and blow it up.

Other than that, I don't know... :D

Hi Geo, Thanks for that suggestion. I never thought of that and I may end up doing it. My last drawing was easy to get off the net but this one is proving difficult. Regards, Sam

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