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Stew Mac Fret Board Slotting Jig

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Love the jig, hated their saw, bought a Japanese one to replace it. Best thing I ever did.

Can't say I've stripped the depth stops, though; you just need them tight, after all, not CRAZY TIGHT. They're holding back a handsaw that you shouldn't be applying much pressure to (let the moving do the cutting). I've had mine for almost 10 years now. Still going strong.

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...or just find a local place that does CNC laser cut steel, give them the exact dimensions, and have them make some for you. I did a parts trade with a local guy for a bunch of scales, including baritone (28.9, IIRC...I specified something), longer scale acoustic (25.7"), mandolin, and long and short bass scales. Traded a maple drop top and some hardware for it.

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