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Mini Pots For Min Hb's


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I've finally got round to dorting out the Firebird I was given and I've ordered a couple of mini HB's for it. They rated at about 8.6kOhm. Which pots would you recommend, 250k or 500k? Also, they have to be mini pots for the teeny weeny control cavity.

Cheers dudes, also bought some Steinberger Gearless Tuners so I'll let you all know how they go. Infact if you get on ebay I got some brand new black ones from the states for £34 ish including postage. :D

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I use firebird p'ups a lot, and I've always used 500k with them. Like Xanthus said, a humbucker's a humbucker. They're brighter than normal 'buckers, but I like to keep 'em that way too.

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