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Wireless Transmitter Frequency Response


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So I was at the Symphony X concert last night, and was taking heavy mental notes on Romeo's equipment, and I got to thinking on the topic of wireless transmitters. Romeo had quite possibly the most bitchin' wireless rack transmitter. There were like, lights and meters and blinky things, it was cool.

But I was thinking about the frequency response of the units. Most entry level units have low frequency threshold of ~80hz. Now, if you get one of them and your guitars are tuned down lower than E (low E = ~82hz), you'd be chopping off the low end of your notes, wouldn't that be correct? The highest end models have a low end of ~40hz, so the same would apply to basses tuned down low.

So when we buy wireless transmitters, are we chopping off our low end? Or is there some part of the equation I'm missing?

Just a thought.

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