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Truss Rod Question

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How are Stew Mac truss rods anchored? I know some TR are anchored at the body end of the slot, with the adjustment screw at the head stock, but with the hot rod there is nothing to anchor it any where. So when you do the slot off the end of the neck and onto the head stock to allow for a adjustment area, what’s stopping it just falling out when ever you take the cover off?

Heres what I mean...


Surely you could just pull that out horizontally even with the FB glued on top?

I'm having a bit of a brain fart and this has got me confused lol

Cheers guys

PS with my build I was thinking of stopping the slot basically at the nut and starting it again like 5mm later on the head stock, and then drilling a lil hole through the barried to fit the adjust ment nut through, so that it is effectively boxed in, but still adjustable. But this means you couldn't remove it with out taking the fret board off...

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If the rod has tension in it, then it will press up against the fretboard or neck, and it won't fall out. But if the rod doesn't have tension in it, then at that particular point there isn't a bow for it to correct, therefore it won't matter if it falls out.

I think it says on the Stewmac site that you should put silicon sealant on the end anchors, maybe those will keep it in as well?


I don't trust my speculation enough to install my truss rod for my build yet, so I'm gonna wait until someone who knows more gives their advice.

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