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Gibson Faded Finishes

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Hey Everybody!

I've been stalking you guys for quite a while now as I work on a Faded finish SG. I replaced

the fretboard/inlays/frets (that's another story itself!) a few weeks ago with help from the

great tutorials on here and now I'm to the finish stage. I liked the faded thing just fine

(never thought I would like a paint-less guitar). I thought the feel and look of the grain

was great and the projection of the guitar was incredible. I new I would never be able to

match the neck back to the body color, so I went ahead and sanded the whole thing.

Here's what I'm wondering....

With the grain being so prominent and the color/clear sanding through so easily, would you

reckon that they didn't use any grain filler or sanding sealer at all? It's not the most beautiful

body, It's 4 pieces, otherwise I might just satin clear it. So, would shooting color straight on

body look about the same?


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