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Es-335 Type Guitar

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I have ES-335 plans which show the maple block in the middle going about 3/4 of the way to the end of the guitar. The guitar has an end block to join the sides and provide a place for a strap button. The Gibson 335 looks like it's got a solid block the whole length. I'm planning on putting a Bigsby in.

I'm not sure that the maple block is needed the full length. The Gretch with the Bigsby is hollow under the Bigsby spring. It has a post under the bridge, but hollow except for that.

Is there some sort of opinion on full length vs shorter blocking with a Bigsby? I would like to just follow the plans, but don't want to have problems with the Bigsby cracking the top.

I'm going to use solid plates for the top, laminating a couple of 1/16 plates in place. It should be pretty strong. Traditional sides, pipe bent and then clamped to a mold.



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