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Best Way To Add A Heastock Veneer?

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A caul is a block of wood used to disperse the claming pressure evenly. Just find a block of wood that is larger than the headstock, and then use that as the caul. Sand or scrape the head down to bare wood, clean off the sanding dust, apply enough glue to coat the surface, lay down the veneer in place, place the caul over it, apply several clamps and let dry for 24 hours.

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The caul, often being made of wood can get glued to whatever it is you are gluing if there happens to be any squeeze out which with a veneer is plausible. What I like to do is separate the caul and guitar part with a piece of wax paper. You can buy a roll of it for cheap at any grocery store or even walmart and a roll lasts a while. Whenever I need to glue something I always use a piece of wax paper, even if I know there won't be any squeeze out, it protects my working surface from squeeze out along with clamps and cauls. I've had an accidental drop somehow make its way onto a caul and it glued itself real well to my project, so I now find it worth it to just slide in a piece of wax paper. You could probably use saran wrap (i.e. cellophane) and it would work, but I find wax paper much more manageable in the shop. Just a tip that I've found useful. Best of luck. J

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