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Thinning Grain Filler

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Hey All,

I'm finally to the scary stuff on a SG refinish. I've got some of the goopy Law-Mac black grain filler

that I wanted to use on the mahogany. I played with the sanding sealer/filler combo on some scrap

and I'm going for the sealer first then the filler.

Two concerns:

How much should I thin the filler? Do I keep it a pasty consistency or thin all the way to a brushable


Will the lacquer thinner in the filler wreak havoc on the sealer and soften it or lift it?


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Hey fuzzjunkie! Most grain fillers don't recquire thinning at all. I've not used the Law-Mac stuff myself, but usually you just gob the stuff on there, and rub it into the grain with your fingers, then wait a few minutes and then scrape the surface with an old credit card against the grain.

Hey Stereo,

Thanks for the reply, I tried to glob it in like you said and also thinned it with some naphtha and didn't have much luck.

The pores are really, really tiny at this point, and since it was a faded finish to begin with, I don't think I'm going to sweat

it. The sanding sealer did about 90% of the job anyway. I really looks nice to me, and I'm going to spray the color soon.


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