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12 String Tom Style Bridge?

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I've a got a cheapo import solid body twelve string. It's got a standard TOM style bridge, with the saddles double notched. A long while back when I got it, I planned to put one of the TOM style 12-string bridges with individual saddles on it - Allparts used to sell one. I balked at the price at the time, as it was quite a bit of money for such a cheap guitar.

Well, I've since potted the pickups so you can play at volumes above "2", and got the fretwork respectable and the setup decent enough that the thing is playable up the whole neck, and now the little intonation problems are starting to bug me. It's mostly usable, but I'd really like to get it spot on - I figure I'll drop the cash on the bridge, and put it on a proper DIY build in the future to make the cost worth it.

Only thing is - it's not listed at Allparts anymore, and doesn't show up on eBay (which isn't a surpise as I'm sure all the eBay sales of it where mostly Allparts resellers) I'm just not finding it anywhere anymore.

So long story short, anyone seen anything similar? I'm not afraid of plugging and redrilling post holes, but I'd like something close to TOM string spacing on it now. I figure I can rig something up with a fender-style bridge and a shim under the bridge to get the string height right for the angled set neck, but I'd prefer something like the style it's got now. Is there perhaps a Rickenbacker-style retrofit I can make work here?


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I guess I wasn't clear - what I've got on the guitar is exactly just what you guys linked - a regular TOM that's slotted twice on each saddle (which is what I meant by "double slotted".) If I were to replace that with the same thing, I could easily slot my own saddles.

What I'm looking for is one with individually intonatable saddles - which, like Mick alludes to, doesn't seem to exist. Except the thing is, it does, or at least did.

I have an Allparts catalog with one - it was part number "GB 2580-002", I believe it was made by ABM - Allparts U.K lists it as out of stock, and it's simply disappeared from the U.S. Allparts site. It was often times available from various Allparts resellers online, but since Allparts no longer seems to carry it, it's disappeared from these places as well.

EDIT: Universal Jems still has a picture of one on their site here just to prove I'm not crazy. I'll have to see if they can get one in - no one else I usually deal with for Allparts stuff is able to. I suppose I should call Allparts themselves to confirm.

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Okay continuing my tradition of answering my own dumb questions -

Found it again on Allparts UK:


So I found the bridge in question, and it is made by ABM. Does anyone know how I can order from ABM, as the parts no longer seem to be listed in Allparts US or any of their resellers? Should I just try ordering through Allparts UK?

The bridge is viewable on the ABMMueller.de website, as well, but I can't link to specific page as it's all flash. (Interestingly enough, they spell it "TUNAMATIC". I'd be hungry if I wasn't a veggie.)

So sorry if I wasted everyone's time again.

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