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Ryan D

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Hey everybody!

I'm building an HSS Strat, and I have a quick question about tone pot values.

The two single coils are being routed to a 250k pot, and the humbucker is being routed to a 500k pot. However, what value pot should I use for the master volume? This has always puzzled me. Will I have to make a compromise of tone or am I just missing something simple?

I've searched for answers but can't seem to find any. :/


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You can use a 500k pot for the volume. The single coils will be brighter than they would with a 250k but you can roll some of this off with the tone controls.

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I used a 250k pot when my Strat was set up for HSS. It sounded warmer and didn't turn the singles into icepicks.

you know there are other options. to this that you can do. if you use the proper switch. you could use a 500k pot so the humbucker would still have a killer tone. wire the second side of the switch with 500k resistor. essentially the humbucker will drop down to 250k when you engage it with a single coil. but other wise it will be normal. the single coils would be on the second side and the output would feed across a 500k resistor to ground.

if this is a little off sounding i will drop a schematic when i get home.

ciao or email me i will send it out.

ok i can't post it java error email me i got it drawn

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