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Painting A Neck - Paint Ridge?

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I have been testing my finishing techniques (before actually wasting good wood and an instrument) and have moved to the necks.

I have 2 questions. The seemingly natural looking necks like fender and the like seem to have a finish/clear coat on them... is this correct or is it just bare sealed wood or what? Is the side of the fretboard also clear coated?

Also if I am to paint a neck how do I avoid the paint ridge to the fretboard? If it should be finished before the fretboard goes on how to I protect the finish when sanding the fretboard smooth to the paint level. Or how can it be done with an existing neck without removing the fretboard.

If i already experimented on a junk neck and now have a paint ridge higher than the sides of the fretboard how would I get rid of it? I masked the fretboard from the paint and clear coats.

Ok more than 2 questions really but help, insight and pointing in the right direction will be greatly appreciated.



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most factory guitars do have a really thin coat of some kind of finish. as for painting the sides of the fb, this is what i do . if you are just doing a clear on all of the neck, it is easier.

1. tape off fretboard sides as straight as you can

2. apply color coat

3. if only clearing, just tape off top of the fretboard

4. clear all of the neck.

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