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Installing The Ground And Wiring Are Pickups


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Hey Guys

I need to install the ground on this lespaul body. Its for my girlfriend hence the pink lol

I am dropping in an Air Norton in the Neck and a Super distortion in the bridge.

I need to know how to install the ground and then wire the dimarizos to get this baby off

and running. I have pics of the guitar and the areas involved in the job

Any help will be greatly appreciated!! :D

Links for pics

Neck Pickup Area


Pickup Switch


Volumes and Tones




Body Shot - Not completed


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run a wire from the T-O-M bridge, solder it to the back of a pot. solder the DiMarzios (great choice bro) and conect the green and bare wire to the wire coming from the bridge, then to the jack.

u must do something like this:

http://www.agi-lace.com/wiring/pdf/5.pdf (notice that the pickups are different, just omit those orange and green wires)

http://guitarelectronics.zoovy.com/product/WDUHH3T2201 (if yer GF wants more options, i would recommend the Series/parallel thing)


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