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Guitar Of The Month For May

Guitar of the Month for May  

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Wow! I think this is a record for the number of entries, and they all look great! Kenny's guitar looks cool, scotty's bass is awesome, Mike's Revelation looks great, WezV's is really nice, and the rest all look great too! Jehle and msherman get extra points for building multiple projects, but they should be disqualified for entering so many cool guitars. Just kidding! :D Seriously, congratulations to all! I really couldn't pick out only one in particular I liked, so I did a null vote. Great work everyone!

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Lots of great stuff. For me, it was down to Sorbera Bros, WezV's, and Jyrki's. Not to take anything away from any of the other awesome entries (and all were awesome!), but those 3 did it for me.

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I'm so bummed that I can only vote once...

I like Daniel's acoustic so much that I thought nothing could sway me, but I kinda fell in love with WezV's Custom 6, looking at the final lineup of entries.

I've also been following Kenny's build since the build thread started, and I think it turned out great too. There are a lot of worthy entries this month. It was tough!

I voted for the Custom 6.

[Edit: Oops! I typed all that and forgot to click on an entry... so it counted as a null vote. Wow, I don't feel guilty anymore. :P)

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Due to the very large list of entries this month I'm only going to critique the ones I really liked this month. I'll go by order of post.

rsguitars: I really liked the shape of this build and the clean lines. The finish is great and matches the flame shape. I never shy away from voting for bolt on neck but I felt like there would be come clearance issues for lead guitarists.

msherman: Orion build: All I can say is wow! The way you matched the pickup cover and back cover plates perfectly is a testament to your skills! Heck, I even PM'd you to see if the build was for sale! Minus the 8 strings you managed to put together all the things I like in a build! Even with two extra strings I want it!

WezV: I always love your builds. The spalted top was really nice and reminded me of the last spalted guitar you posted. The Shape is great! I love the flat black hardware and the countersunk tuners but I'm not a fan of the lizard inlay. The green just kept taking my attention away from the top.

Jyrki: I love a good ES335 and every time I go to the store I contemplate buying one and I even have a set of templates to build my own but never get off my butt to do it. From the looks of yours It would be enough for me to fork over the money. A clean finish and a classic look put this in my top list of guitars.

Barth guitars: I have to be honest, this was not one of my favorite builds but I wanted to give you props. I wish I had been busting out guitars of this skill level when I was 15! You clearly took time to plan and design your build. I'm looking forward to see what you do next!

Everyone did a great job and it's awesome to see so many builds. Several 8 strings, a ton of cigar boxes and even a really nice looking acoustic! I'm hoping to have one ready for next months competition.

My vote has to go to msherman! Just an excellent build and if I was willing to fork over hard earned cash for it! It just has to be my vote.

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My vote went to Decadent Jon's guitar. When I looked at it I could see myself up on stage rocking out with it. It looks like a no nonsense guitar that would be a real work horse. Something about all the elements on it caused all those images to rush into my head, so I guess you could say it just spoke to me. :D

Tons of cool stuff this month though; Jehle's plethora of CBG's, Wez's build, and MSherman's Orion all stood out to me as well.

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Kenny no offence man lovely guitar but i'd rather see the front than the back And a close up of the inlay would have been cool! And clean your sheets!

Daniel you almost toppled scott from his lofty perch!

Jehle for me it has to be boobs but i do like your resonator can you alter the sound by opening the box :D

I think your photos were ace mike and your guitar looks sweet.

Scott I knew I was going to vote for yours as soon as i saw it It i really like it and am glad to hear it's a slap and pop monster with looks like that it oughta be!

Looks like everybody did a good job

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My vote came down between two - the Sorbera acoustic or Orion. In the end I went for the acoustic, I'm a lefty so it really works for me, plus it reminds me of my favourite guitar - a Larrivee acoustic I own and love. It's simple, without ostentatious decoration, but at the same time that just gives it a really elegant feel for me, and the details are great.

I want to see more leftys! :D

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taken one at a time, jehle's offerings this month don't really stand a chance against all these other incredible entries. That said, I do like seeing different stuff every once in a while, and if I could I would have voted for the jehle stuff as a collection. I love it when someone finds a way to (attractively) use cheap, accessible, every-day items to replace the not cheap, only-can-get-it-from-a-guitar-shop hardware that we all feel obliged to use out of tradition (even though all of it started off much the same way)

Amazing, incredible entries by everyone else, but I voted for frugal ingenuity this time around.

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Msherman's Orion for mine.

I like a clean look and this build exemplifies that.

Well done all and I gotta say the builds just keep on getting better !!!

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so much good stuff this month!!

kenny - i really like the bubinga in the body and the simple wood choices - really classy!! Not so sure about the missing frets

ScottyD - its a great looking bass and i was going to vote for it but having seen next months entry i think i prefer that one more. I like the poplar on the back but th colours dont go perfectly

rsguitar - i really like the finish, headstock and the neck join.. the body isnt my kind of thing

Msherman - the orion really floats my boat - really like what you have done with the body wood and pickup cover.. and the stain job on the other one is great as well. My girlfriend said she really liked the neck joins and was going to vote for you!! Unfortunately she aint a member

jehle- i always love these little things and have been sorely tempted to get one of your kits/DVD's on a few occasions. so much fun. I like the telecaster one most - might be the boobs.... I was going to vote for you--- but really wasnt sure which one to vote for. I reckon you may loose out by having so many entires but its always good to see them anyway!!

Daniel - it looks great.. very nice work as always... always good to see happy customers!!

decadentjon- cant beat a simple tele!! i like your changes and there is not much to criticise but if i had to change one thing i would go for a smaller roundover more like a traditional tele.. although i reckon the shaping you have gone with would look great with a solid finish

Oh, that ones me!! It was picked up by its new owner this morning - sad to see it go

jyrki - i love 335's and really want to build one some day.. i had to vote for it!!

Barth - very good work and i really like the lookof the paduak and maple. I'm struggling a little with the upper horn - i reckon it would look cool slimmed down a bit

lowrider - i really like it from the front, nice modern carve with a good stain job - the back looks a little pale and teh neck transitions seem a little hard

avenger63 - its been good to see this one progress... i like that you have tried to do it with as much wood as possible but in the end i think it looks a little too busy .. the colours you have picked are great and go togethr really well - they just cut across each other to many times for my eye

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i thought i had... its all in the in progress section but here goes anyway:

black limba body,

wenge and maple accent lines,

spalted maple top

3-piece flamed maple neck with wenge pinstripes,

ziracote fretboard,

recon malachite inlay,

jumbo frets

unbleached bone nut

sperzel tuners

25.5" scale length

Two way truss rod

dual Cf reinenforcement

Hipshot hardtail bridge

Dunlop strap buttons

Bare knuckle Riff Raff calibrated set with camo covers

500k volume

300k tone with 0.022 vitamin Q capacitor

3 way switch

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firstly i'll say that i voted for decadent john's build. i just loved the simplicity of the build. the great black/dark brown contrast with the blonde swamp ash body. its not the most difficult build or the most flashy, but its deffinately a build that had me pausing to look at for more than a few seconds per pic. probably doesnt sound like a tele at all with the rosewood/ebony neck and p90's though. probably sounds great anyway.

i was so close to voting for scottyd's build. i really like it. the only things that stopped me was a bit of wood choice. i absolutely love the look of each piece of wood on the build, but there were places where i would have liked to see some contrast. i absolutely loved the top of the body. it looks excellent with the great walnut top and those nice covers on the pickups and the knobs. the blonde parts in the walnut looked excellent. i think a fretbord that contrasted more with the brown in the build would have looked a bit better. possibly an ebony or rosewood one, which would bring the black theme from the hardware into the build. a birdseye maple fretboard with some black block inlays would also look escellent imo. another thing that didnt work well with me was the laminates in the neck. i find neck lminates look best when there is some contrast. these timbers look very similar. they also clashed a very tiny bit with the less redy browns in the body. i think its that their close, but not close enough to be the same. the poplar in the body looks great, but it doesnt work too well with the neck wood (more directly the reddy timber glued at the neck join). i think that if the neck laminates were purpleheart/wenge and maple or something that doesnt add the bit of redness to the look then i would have voted for you, and deffinately if there was a more contrasting fretboard on the build.

i know that was alot of criticism for a build that i say i nearly voted for. i was really nitpicking there as i really like it, but it just barely misses the mark for me, and i want to justify not voting for it. i love the shape, love the body timbers (neck timbers look great too, but i dont feel they match the body timbers perfectly, its a bit of a case where it looks better to contrast than nearly match). the only thing that made me change my mind was the conflicting colours on the back. i absolutely love the build, but the simplicity of decadent john's tele won me over. do you have any details on you pickups? or even a link to the build thread if the details are in there (if build thread exists)

im not a fan of the superstrat shape, which ruled some of the builds out for me (even though they were all very good builds that i cant flaw in any way). the orion had a very nice looking neck laminate, but didnt do much for me otherwise. kenny's kaye custom was a great looking guitar. loved the look of the back of it. m sherman's second 8 string was nice as well, but wasnt my cup of tea.

jelle's cigar box guitars were a nice change. boobs and the one after it (black and gold one) seemed very nice. some nice touches on them.

rsguitars revelation is a nice build, but the shape didnt do it for me. that neck on a different guitar would be an excellent start. the shape was the only real downside to me.

bath's bass was a nice build. i dont know about the upper horn like someone else mentioned. it seems like a very usable design. their seems to be plenty of upper fret access, and the pickups seem like they would give a very versatile sound (ive always thought having the bridge pup angle like that would be a good idea for a bass along with a neck pickup to add most of the bottom.

jyrki's 335 looks excellent and flawless. just doesnt have the originality of the other builds. would have been alot of work being a hollow body which i respect greatly.

wez v's build is a really nice build. has a nice shape and seems flawless. the finish is incredibly glossy and perfect. i cant put my finger on it but it just doesnt do it for me. i dont know why. it hs everything to it that i would normally like. even the quirky green lizard is something i like, but it just doesnt give me that wow feeling that the individual parts of the build do. its not that theres anything that i feel chashes either.

daniel sorbera's acoustic is an excellent build, but an acoustic doesnt do much for me. i'd love to make one oneday, but im not motivated enough to take up the challenge yet. acoustics are nice, but i dont get excited over them.

lowriders carvetop is well done, but isnt my style. did like the way the headstock went with the build, looked good in an unconventional way.

avenger 63's build looks nice, but its a bit busy as someone else said. having a bigsby on a tele seems like a good idea though.

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