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What Do You Think Of This Maple Top

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It is clear that the grain is in a book matched position. The question is if you flip the pieces and connect the outside edges along the center line is the book matching any better?

This may not be the two sides that were cut book matched. If you think of the two pieces as a book with four pages then you may be showing pages 1 and 4, not 2 and 3. Then again maybe you are.

Wipe some mineral spirits on the wood to see what it will really look like. Dry unfinished figured wood does not show well. I honestly cant see how that pattern will work as a top unless the flame pops out to overshadow the flat sawn grain pattern. It looks like it was cut close to two branches on the tree on the outer edge of the trunk or from a narrow trunk.

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Yeah, it's a bookmatched set, one board is simply turned around 180 degrees.

It's a good looking top. Lots of character and variance. It's not gonna be a perfect quilted top that looks like a swimming pool across the whole body, but it will be attractive and stand out from the crowd of painted body guitars.

Go for it.

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I can't remember whether I posted this or not, but moderate figure is great for honing your dyeing/staining/clearing techniques instead of potentially hosing an exquisite board. Whether it matches or not, I have to agree with Bryan on this one. It'll make a great top whatever.

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