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I have two projects going on right now and I need some ideas on what to use for pickups

#1- my 'lead' guitar

- This guitar will be a double cutaway likely a strat because I like pickguards and the versatility that goes with it. What should I use for a pup configuation and which pickups to use. I'm pretty much decided on basswood.

#2 - my other guitar

-This guitar is a Les Paul shape (so the maple/mahogany combo applies here) HxH pickup configuation.

I've used some EMGs (81,85,60A) But if I go that route I want versatility (81TW/89R)

I also like Dimarzios (super 3, steve's special, evolution bridge, X2N) but I'm open to something different. I'm actually very partial to Dimarzios because of the sound AND color selection (aethetics are important to me)

I've never really tried Duncans (I had a duncan designed (JB) in a Jackson but I didn't like it with the alder body)

I generally play hard rock and some metal. My amp is a Marshall AVT.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

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I would reccomend either an hsh or hss pickup combination for the strat style guitar. For bridge I've been able to produce endless amounts of different tones from the dimarzio fred so I would highly reccomend it. For middle I have no idea as I've only never bought and put in a middle pickup only have guitars with them stock. For the neck I would say a dimarzio paf or air norton would be good. Being the way I am I always say no to active pickups but if that's what you want then it's you're guitar, do what you want! The pickups I mentioned would also work great for a les paul style set up.

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The Duncan JB bridge and Jazz neck combo is a favorite for many people.

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The reason why I don't like active pickups is that they tend to be too sterile for me on low distortion and blues. I also found that Ican't get the big fatoverdrive that sounds like it's coming out of a sumo wrestler. I also don't like the use of batteries. For someone that is only concerned about a good healthy dose of distortion for only hard rock and metal (no cleans) I would say emg 81,85,60, and sa would be good.

I personally just don't like actives but like I always say it's yours, do what you want to with it, just don't be stupid!

As for the fred I would say that it is clear at all distortion settings, can get some good cleans with a bit of snap in the sound, can get some nice growl with the eq set right on the distortion, and can also get fat and full sounding.

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I dunno, man. Knopfler, Gilmour, and a Vince Gill, and a lot of other players get a lot of soul, clean blues, low distortion, and "fat" out of actives. :D They're not only for healthy doses of distortion on rock and metal, though of course that's one of their favourite playgrounds.

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