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My new project


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I don't know the history of the neck or body. A friend gave it to me. Knowing my friend the parts probably did come from the eighties. I wasn't to worried about the stain on the maple fret board, I figured it would come out during sanding the radius.

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It looks exactly like the VWall! I guess I'll have to spend sometime looking them up. I don't know what i'm going do for a finish. So many ideas so little brain left to sort them out. It needs to be refinished. Lots of divots in the body. I will be getting a bunch of figured and spalted maple tomorrow. I found a stash that has been down for a few years. So I will be putting this one on hold until all the maple is cut and stacked for the future.

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When I got my guitar, it was merely mostly raw material.

Heres the history/thread on Jemsite Guitar Forum:

Custom Guitar Thread

The fretboard was raw and wavy and needed to be completely radiused and fretted and cleared of course.

I did some light sculpting to the body at the horns and had to route the complete trem cavity and drill the holes etc..

the only thing routed on the body was the electronics and spring cavities and the pick ups.

I have never seen another guitar like it.

After lengthy research I discovered that this was a one of from a no name called Monroe Luthiers in CA...

My project took about 3 years to actually complete..

Love to see pics of yours when finished...

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[Just curious. Will that bass be Carriburst? ]

Don't know yet. Depends if I find a nice peice of wood. I am going to look at some tomorrow, but it wont be dry for awhile unless I can find a kiln. I will be cutting up some beatiful wood. We found a lot of 4-5A maple. Just hope it hasn't been down to long.

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