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Spurce Body ?

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Spruce is a great wood, light and resonant, and very stiff for its weight. You would have a fairly light weight but respocive body(my gut would tell me it would be brighter than most hardwoods by weight). The big sketchy point would be how soft the wood is. It dings up on acoustic soundboards, and they are usually handled a bit more delicately than solid bodies. I think as a core wood, with thin hardwood caps(even 1/8" would provide a better ding resistant body) it could be very cool.


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I wouldn't hesitate to use nice spruce for a body for a moment. Not sure about suitability for metal, and like rich says, it's pretty fragile stuff. Rick Turner makes a lot of guitars with softwood (red cedar, usually) cores and thin (1/8") tops and backs.

Seriously, though, if the spruce is nice enough (my definition: no knots, relatively fine grain, quartered or close to quartered) I might be tempted to trade you some african mahogany if you prefer that...

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1)ok, I am not expected "good" reactions. I am afraid whats about sustain and soud... Its

unusual for solid body. I would like to buid Flying V of spurce or try it...

I will write abou it here... ok?

2)to Mattia- Can you write me by icq or email?

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