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Yesterday, I started working on a pair of picture frames for my mom & my mother-in-law for Mother's Day. I was planning on doing this anyway, but yesterday it was pointed out that I only have a w

Probably caused by the curvature of the camara lense. If this is the table your aluminum neck was shot on, that top looks very nice indeed.


That's it. The makore will darken a bit, but not like American cherry. It'll get an iridescent glow about it. I have a couple of other pieces made from it, and they just look fantastic.

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21 woods

24 butterflies

This is the first of four hope chests I'm making for my four daughters as they graduate high school. They're all to be heirloom pieces that they can keep for the rest of their loves and hopefully pass on to their kids. They are all getting to choose what is inlaid into the top.

This chest is made from western red cedar, with a 3/4" plywood bottom and poplar re-enforcement cleats. The bottom, skirting, and cleats are all both glued and screwed into place, so it should all last basically forever. The carcass is dovetailed with an arrowhead pattern using a jig I bought ar a woodworking show.

My oldest wanted the top to look like a butterfly collection on black velvet in a frame. After that, she left it up to my creativity. There are 24 butterflies made from 21 differene species of wood. The fewest pieces a butterfly is composed of is 2. IIRC, the most is 89. They are inlaid into a pine piece which was dyed black. The black dye is the only artificial color on the piece.

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