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26" scale?


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I want to be able to reach the 22/23/24 fret easily on my guitar im building (soon i tell you soon) is a 26" scale feasible without changing too much. or is it going to require a lot of extra werk. And also i was reading through ed romans articles. Do you guys think its possible to combine the direct coupling method (for both humbuckers and a sustainer system) and the deep tenon neck? Because to me that sounds like it could really make some clear sounds. If the direct coupling neck alone gives you 25% more overtones and the deep tenon neck is just arse kickin sustain wise.......i can only imagine the possiblilities. also. will the deep tenon neck affect the body with a longer neck? because i could see that extra weight with the neck might cause some extra pressure on the body. even counteracted by the pups mounted on the neck. and will the neck be stable?

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27" scale is perfectly feasable.it just means more string tension so you really should consider neck reinforcement.

direct coupling is just a phrase used by roman to explain the fact that tighter tolerances and better fit increase sustain and resonance.he press fits the neck pickup onto the neck itself(which is only part of it) and says that makes for better sustain and greater tone.

just make your neck pocket a really tight fit and use a tone pros bridge and direct mount your pickups and that is what he does.but direct mounting pickups is not better,just different.while we can all agree that tighter fit parts make for a better transfer of resonance through the different pieces of wood,some of that stuff on ed's site is just salesmanship,nothing more.

he is just trying to tell you why he thinks his product is in his opinion the best

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i know that. Im not buying anything from him. but i think it makes sense. Like mounting the pickups on the neck without any glue or anything makes sense. and regarding the reinforcement im going to buy a double action truss rod like the one on stewmac.com .

Also what im going to do is just fasten the pickup to the neck via pressing it into the neck and taking the metal mounting tabs on the sides of the pickup to press into the sides of the neck. MY only concerny is the vibrations from the body may messup the pickup. how exactly can i secure the pickup so that it doesnt move around?

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