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Tuneomatic Problems

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heres a picture to help explain


basicaly the pole won't fit in the hole(not sure of correct terms). i asume there spose to.

the pole appears to be tapered slightly at the top maybe when they put the slot for the screw driver in it it expanded the metal at the top making it too fat?!

i perchased this exact tom from a ebay shop called all custom guitars hears a link all custom

i had a pretty small budget so i sort of risked it whith this cheap tom but it seems fine other wise

unfortunatly i didn't notice the problem for quite some time and the seller has poor communication

so im wondering is there any problem at all or am i just an idiot and can i lathe/grind it down a little and if so to what point should it be a tight fit or loose?

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Is this miss-fitting hapening when the bridge and studs/posts are mounted on the guitar, or even when they are off the guitar? The reason I ask is that if you have a slight missmatch of post spacing this will happen. Take the bridge and studs off (if you have not already done this) and try for fit. If it still doesn't fit you can always carefully sand on the studs with fine grit sandpaper until they fit. But be ware that it will take the plating away (lathe is of cause fine too).

This is an advice based on your comment that you are on a budget. Otherwice I would say that you should try to return the bridge and get a better that fits.

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