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look at the tats on that!


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Very interesting...my friend made a few decals for me using the plain decal sheet and his good printer. They look awesome, but do leave a slight ridge where you cut the film out. It is still visible after clearing with poly and a very faint haze of the decal film...no biggie, I think it looks kinda vintage. I have used NOS decals and the film dissappears completely, but those are rare and expensive if you can find the real deal...also very fragile. NOW, if you are saying that the TATOO which is transferring only the image...with NO outlines or cloudy film is visable, I'd go that way...here's a pic of the decal, the film can't be seen in certain angles, but flat on it's really noticable. I'll have to try that tatoo thing..I'll wear a Fender decal on my arm too... :D


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