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ply wood

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For a first guitar, I think plywood would be PERFECT.

I made countless mistakes when I was beginning.

So if it works out great, you can just duplicate what you did on some better wood later on.

Personally, I would expect to make a few mistakes just starting out, so plywood would be the best 'starter' body to start out with. Screw up on that, no problem-o. You can just trash it with no regrets and start over again instantly. You should be able to salvage all the hardware for another go if that's what you have to do.

I am all for mock-ups before you shell out real dough on nice wood if you haven't completed a guitar yet.

Matter of fact, if you have that much around, you might wind up making 2 or 3 plywood bodies before you start really 'nailing it' to the point you know when you buy some good wood, it'll come out 'spot-on' for you.

Good idea I sez.

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