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One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure

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This saying is especially true when "one man" is a bunch of rich college kids throwing stuff out before moving day and the other man is a guy that can make the best of even the worst guitar related situations!

So I'm going to get some dinner and BAM, sitting out on the curb is an Epiphone Dot Studio with everything except the bridge, stop bar, and a headstock! Bridges are cheap, and the mahogany for a new scarf is as well!



Granted, in the pics there's no hardware, that's cause I took it all off so I could dry it real well and stick some towels in the f-holes... it had been sitting out in the rain! However, the way it was situated in said rain made it appear as though it will survive just fine. That and the fact that it's a ply formed top and body make me worry even less.



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