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Rustin's Pc Over Acrylic Lacquer Colour Coat?

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I'm constructing a semi-hollow and I plan on painting the sides a solid colour whilst dying the top and back. My goal is to have a consistent, easy to apply, hard finish. Rustin's PC looks like just the thing. I know the dye is compatible with Rustin's PC, but is good ol' auto acrylic lacquer in a rattle can also compatible with Rustins? The dye and acrylic finishes will be separated by binding so I don't need to worry about them interacting.

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I seem to remember a thread that said PC could be applied over just about anything, but can't find that thread.

Why not just spray a test with your rattle can in the way that you want to do your guitar, let it dry/cure and then try a few coats of PC and see what the result is?


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when we tried it it went on ok put peeled off as soon as you ran your thumb along the finish - just didnt adhere well

re were refinishing a guitar we had previously sprayed with acrylic lacquer with a few fresh coats of RPC

that wasnt spray can lacquer - but it was definately acrylic, always test on scrap

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