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How do i make full size plans for my guitar? what program do i use and how do i print it? And for a carved top do i just create the 3-D effects? By eye? or is there some sort of template i can make? :D

auto cad seems like a fairly popular, it also allows full size printing via multiple sheets, u can do a 3d mock up for carving, but most people just do it by feel, as trying to reproduce something u made on a computer could quilckly turn into a nightmare if it's ur first time around, well that's kinda exagerated, but just run a search for carving, we've talked about it before, disk sanders are great to ruff out the shape, then surefoams, spokeshaves and sanding blocks to finish it off.

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a rasp fell of an upper shelf at my old workplace (theatrical set construction for Starlight Theater, Illinois) and caught my left shoulder on the way down. that was the messiest wound i have ever had in my life...

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