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Bridge Locating Techniques

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was wondering if anyone has a cool/different way of locating the bushing holes for the bridge.

i could just measure, re-measure, measure again, and then drill,..but then i thought of making a template that locates from the nut.

what do u guys do???




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I feel that a template from the nut would be too cumbersome. However, I'd totally like to have a nice TOM/tail template for the holes, not unlike the pickup or trem templates that StewMac sells. I honestly just eyeballed the distance from TOM to tail, but a template of where to drill would be pretty sweet.

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If your necks are consistent you can make a template that runs from a couple of inches at the end of the neck to the bridge location. Ours are laser cut steel.

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Have a look here: Saddle locating jig

I have made one and have used it successfully for a TOM as follows:

Measure roughly where the TOM will be installed and stick some masking tape down over the area.

Setup the Locating jig with suitable compensation for your scale length.

Setup the jig against the nut as explained and then use it to mark on the masking tape the line indicating the compensated position of the bridge saddles.

It is now a simple matter of locating and marking the mounting post holes relative to the saddle line. In my case I just had to extend the line either side of the guitar centre line and mark the post holes as the mounting holes were on the center line of the bridge.

Drill post holes, remove masking tape and insert post mounts.


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Something like this but for a TOM, rather than acoustic, bridge?


how cool would it be for a self-centering fixture that locates from the fingerboard edges. (along the 'E' strings) AND has drill bushings to ease the drilling process.

now THAT would be sweet!!!

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