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Great Router Deal @ The Depot


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Hey guys. Presently I've been doing all my work with a 1 3/4 HP fixed base Milwaukee router (which I love BTW) but I was looking for something a bit more powerful to use in a table. I was going to get a Milwaukee set with interchangeable bases but I ran across this at Home Depot by accident when I went to look at what they had for router tables. It's a Dewalt 3 base kit with edge guide for $150 when they sell for $270ish elsewhere. I guess it's a closeout there so that's why it's so cheap. I snagged one and I wanted to let you guys know in case any of you were in the market.

Here's the same kit on Amazon...Dewalt 3 base kit


They had one left at my local depot in CT, so it may be worth a look if you're in the market.


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HomeDepots aren't at all consistent on those closeout deals. Our's puts the closeout stuff on a table at 15% off :D

I thought about getting that dewalt at the regular price, but nobody had one in stock around here. Wound up ordering the Milwaukee two base kit. Got their 2 1/4 hp EVS kit for $220 delivered, and love the thing, but for $150, that kit was a steal!

Congrats on the find.


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