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Les Paul repair

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I've had a Les Paul custom for a couple of years.

I bought it second hand and it had a large area of the back where the finish was totally scraped off down to bare mahogany (the old belt buckle trick)

I thought I'd take the rest of the paint off so that I could refinish it properly.

Being an impatient goose I got the sander out which took the remaining paint off along with a small amount of mahogany, (two 1/16th inch deep & 1 inch long indentations) DOH!

I've tried a couple of wood fillers but they didn't seem to dry to a hard enough finish so that when I attempted to sand them back they crumbled away.

Is there a product around that can be sanded back successfully and also match the original mahogany so that it's not noticeable after it's been stained and laquered?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I've had wonderful results using PC Woody!

It is a two part epoxy that you mix together with a small scraper till uniform in color.

Spread it over your boo boo's and let cure 12-24 hours. Sand it down gently and smooth then stain! I would recommend using a very fine artist brush for the stain though since the stain will effect the surrounding area your trying to blend in to.

PC Woody cost's about $10 in the local stores for a 1.5 fl oz container, If you can't find a dealer local to you off of their website give me an email and I'll see what I can do to get you some.

BTW, welcome to project guitar :D

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OK, please check all the jokes at this point, trust me there's not one you can say that I haven't already thought of....

Since we're on the topic of wood putty. The screws which attach the footboard to the side of my fiance's bed have in some cases stripped out and in one case pulled through the wood. The bed is still fairly solid, but this weekend we were going to take it apart, fill the holes, tap them and put new screws in.

Any suggestions on a putty that would fill the bill.

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