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Metallic paint


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What is the best way to paint a guitar in the flat position for metallic colors?

Should I lay it flat on cardboard or a little in the air on top of something or should I try to hang it horizontal?

Any recommendations?

... on technique?

... for the sides?

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hanging is always best...but if not you can put it in a large box ontop of some cans to elevate it and as for the sides..if you try and spray the top at an angle then the sides usually take care of themselves


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Painting flat is the way to go. I found out Fender did this way back in the 50's. Uisng finishing nails as 'legs', they are placed where a pickguard will hide the holes when done. Notice my gold Tele. The flamed Tele has no pickguard to hide the graphics, so I nailed the legs by the hot dog plate and pup rings...you'll need to make a handle to hold and flip the guitar. I paint the top first so the flakes sit flatter as the guitar is flat on the table at this point. When it flashes off, I do the sides and bottom.

Paint legs and handle

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just make a dummy neck from a piece of 2" x 1/2" , screw it into the neck pocket, and clamp the neck to a bench or something. Then you can pain the top and sides(without getting paint on your table), the undo the clamp and flip it over...... easy!


It`s not easy if it`s a neck thru body(which it is) :D

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