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fretboard radius

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actually i would think going from 16" TO 10" would be safer, since little wood was removed in the first place to give the 16", then u'd just be removing a bit more on the sides to get the 10", where as the going from a 10" to 16" u're removing wood from the center making the fingerboard thinner, at leats more so then taking it off the sides to make the 10" from a 16"..... anyone understand that? words and sentence structure aren't my forte

in either case u'r not removing a hudge amount of wood anyways, i know eric johnson had the fingerboards on a coupel of his fender necks flattened out to a really flat radius...

... so yes it's possible

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Guest Litchfield Custom Gutars

Sholdnt be a prob either way, as long as the edges are at least 1/16" thick. Bu be caerfin not to have side ots come thru. Keep in mind, a scallop takes off more wood n the 1st fret than you will on the whole neck going o a 16" radius from a 10"

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