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I'm re-wiring an old guitar and I just can't get my head around this wiring. Its going to be a HSH config but as its routed for humbuckers I put two single coils in the middle position (if that makes sense). Anyway I've got a push/pull dpdt switch and I want to use it to select the which middle single coil is used. Example: Push/pull down = bottom single coil active, push/pull up = top single coil active. Anyone got any ideas how to do this as I can't get my head around this dpdt switch. Thanks.

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stewmac gives this drawing of the push/pull pot:


So I guess it means that the middle contacts are the common contacts, in the down position contact is made with the lower contacts and in the up postion with the upper contacts... If so, you should run the "live" wire of the bottom single coil to the bottom contact and the "live" wire of your upper single coil to the upper contact... The middle contact should run to whatever it ran to when it was still a HB configuration.....

I'm not sure if all push/pull pots have the same configuration, so you could (I you have a multi-meter) figure out how it works by measuring the resistants between the contacts in the up and down positions... (and to state the obvious, 0 Ohm or a beep means the contact is closed, -- Ohm or no beep means there is no contact...)

And another thing to remember is that there is no relationship between the pot-part and the switch-part of the push/pull pot, they may as well be two seperate components...

Hope this helps...

Gr Arjan

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