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My First Sustainer


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So Im new here, and I've been fascinated by this ultimate thread on building a sustainer! What a project! THanks to ALL the people contributing thier time and knowledge to this. I'm self taught with electronics and I've previously built some 386 based Amps for a few friends here in town. I used a circuit similar to the F/R, a Little Gem Amplifier from RoG, with a MPF102 for my preamp stage. I wired it up wrong last night, but amazingly my low E string still sustained the note without the bridge pickup being wired into the amplifier's input. I was quite impressed! Finishing up today, and I will post some pics when I get it up and running!

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Congratulations... :D ...all that without help from me and the "team" on the sustainer project. Hope you post something on the "ultimate thread" (I like that BTW) as one of the reasons it is so big is that there are quite a few subscribers...this thread will get lost in time I suspect.

Good luck with the installation and final stages, they can be a little frustrating but it is doable....first class


Oh...and welcome to PG, first post of many I hope!

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