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Stupid Grainfiller Question

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And yes, I DID do a thorough search :D :D

So anyways,

I'm done with round 1 of grainfilling my build. I'm going to sand it with 400, then fill the grain again as a "just-in-case" coat. Here's the stupid question: Would I have to sand it after the 2nd coat before I tru-oil it? The grainfiller gives the whole guitar a beautiful amber patina, which I know I'll lose most of when I sand. However, I'm unsure whether leaving grainfiller on the body, not just in the grain, will prevent the oil from penetrating well. I don't want to lose that awesome amber shade before tru-oiling it.

For reference, I'm just using run-of-the-mill Benjamin Moore filler.

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I don't know about your specific grainfiller, but i've used Tru Oil over a solid layer of epoxy finishing resin with no problems. Tru Oil is basically a varnish anyway, you're not really relying on it soaking into the wood, and it can build a finish. So, unless there's a chemical incompatibility of some sort, I would guess that it would work.

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@aidlook: Test piece indeed :D I'll start one today. I know for a fact I'm sanding down the first coat, so I'll have some time to whip together a piece before the second coat is done.

@matt: oil-based grainfill, oil-based tru-oil. I'm assuming no compatibility issues. The test piece I did earlier didn't blow up on me, but I only did a thin layer of grainfill and a wipe-on coat of oil. I'm using this old thread that you were a part of to get me started, as well.

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