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Slight Waves In My Veneer

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I have recently decided to do a quilted maple veneer on my Ibanez Rg470. This is my first attempt at it. So far the hardest part is being without a guitar LOL. After I got the veneer on, I noticed the next day I had a few small waves in the veneer(roughly where your forearm would rest behind the bridge) It's really not notciable unless your looking for it (I tend to go through everything with a fine pick comb) I have 4 coats of sanding sealer on it. And I've block sanded in between coats. It is almost level now, but not quite. My question is, since sanding sealer cures so hard, should I continue with the sanding sealer (6 coats would make it level my guess). Or should I not worry too much about it since I still have clear coats ahead of me? Thanks in advance for your help :D

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