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Couple 12 string questions...


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OK, I'm looking at building a 12-string axe for my next project. My questions are:

1) Is it safe to assume that I can use a regular, 6-string neck for this? (I'm looking specifically at the carvin neck-thru model)

2) Obviously, if I do this, the nut will need to be either replaced or recut. Does anyone know if Carvin will do this on request? Or, does anyone know where I can get one precut? I really would prefer not to have to do this myself.

3) Stupid question: can I use normal pickups with this?


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I've played a few 60s-era Fender 12-strings, and all the necks are wider. It does take a bit getting used to, not as easy to do those thumb-cheats!

With a standard-width 6-string neck, I'd worry a bit about the strings being so close together; I would think it would make it a bit more difficult to "feel" for the chords with the strings all crammed together. But then again I've never played 12 strings on a standard-width neck.

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hmmm... carvin DC120 (12 string) is 1.76" at the nut, and 2.3" at the 24th fret.... the carvin 6 string neck thru neck is 1.71 at the nut, and 2.25 at the 24th.... would this work? It doesn't seem to be off by much.

If carvin can cut the nut, what's a reasonable price to charge for that?

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