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Ibanez Humbucker On Artcore Guitars


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Hi, I am a new member of the forum and i'm italian...sorry for any mistakes.

Somebody knows what kind of pick up are the ACH1 and ACH2, mounted on IBANEZ ARTCORE guitars?

Are good pickups for jazz and blues or no?

Do you know??

Thank you :D

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Welcome to the forum! I hope you enjoy your stay :D

Which type of Artcore are you referring to? I have played the AWD83 (watch out, big picture!) a lot, with clean amps and distortion, and it has the ACH1 and 2 pickups. I thought both of them did a good job at jazz, blues, and hard rock.

Of course, it also depends on what type of guitar you are putting the pickups in. A hollowbody guitar with the same pickups is still going to sound different, and woods make a difference as well. But on the hollowbody AWD83 with

*maple/mahogany neck

*Bubinga top

*maple sides/back

*Bound rosewood finger board

I would say it sounds great.

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i'm looking for an AS series guitar, but not necessary equipped with super58 PU. Usually that guitars are made in maple for all components.

Thank you :D

It may be too late for you , but I own an Artcore AF75 hollow and an Artcore Custom AS103 semi-hollow.

The AF75 has ACH1 and ACH2 pickups. They are ok for cheap pickups, but they are prone to a lot of feedback.

The AS103 has Super 58 Customs which have ceramic magnets, not Alnico like the regular Super 58s. Still, the Super 58 Customs are wonderful pickups. They have a nice warm vintage sound and are very quiet -- no noise.

I will replace the pickups on the AF75 at some point, because the ACH pickups really aren't that good for Jazz.

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