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Warped Rosewood Sides

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Now that its the summer I am eagerly continuing my first classical build.

I got some flatsawn prebent Camatillo Rosewood sides from LMI, which have warped along the width of the sides. They are approximately .1" thick. I was wondering if there is any way to correct this. Most of the warpage is on the upper and lower bout, the waist however is quite flat. If anyone has any experience with this I would love to hear how they fixed this dilemma.

Here is what I was planning on doing:

Wet only the concave side and also put in some sticks running widthwise top and bottom with some clamps, increasing the pressure a little every day to try and gradually form the irregularities out. I would do this over a couple weeks, although I expect to need them before then.

This may help visualize my situation:

(the arrows on the side view are where it is warped most severely)


Any ideas would be much appreciated.


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Rosewood thins to about .85 I think, and flatsawn, man, this is going to be a pain. I think you may be looking at hot hot water, steam, clamps etc. ..

I had my first paduk side go silly because I did not clamp it to a form when it was wet and getting hot, that caused the warp. It has to be clamped to the steel spring before you heat er up...


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