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Crack Repair

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I don't know where else to post this one, so here it is.

I have some lumber that I'm wanting to use for 1/2" - 1" drop tops, but it has a few cracks in it. They're large enough to be seen easily, but not so large they're structurally dangerous. Add that they'll be glued ot another crack-free piece, and I don't think they'll be an issue. That being said, I want to repair/patch them as much as possible before doing any cutting/shaping on the slabs.

So... what would be the best suggested course of action: putty, epoxy/sawdust, patching with "splinters", glue & heavy clamping, or something else entirely. I don't have any pics with me right now, but I can probably post one tomorrow morning. I'd estimate the cracks to be about 2"-3" long, and maybe 1-2mm wide at the most.

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If it makes a difference, one piece is zebrawood, the other is rosewood. I'm currently liking the sawdust/epoxy fix, maybe with some splinters in the wider spots. Then again, neutral-colored wood putty is pretty close to the light parts of the zebrano. Maybe if some splinters were shoved in there as well...

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