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Sunburst From Tutorial

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I never thought about this until I saw some pics with this problem, but I never got a reply from them so I'm asking here. In the tutorial section, a sunburst is done by making a template of the body, suspending the template above the body with pushpins, and spraying paint around the edge. The question is, how do you avoid getting an outline of the head of the pushpin in the paint?

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This was my question as well, so I tried it on a couple of pieces of scrap plywood. If you can spray lightly enough - it's not too much of a problem. If you want a more full burst, I have had no problems moving the pushpins in a little more. I also tried heavier pattern and trying to "clean" the pushpin marks, but that looked like $%*#.

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I wouldn't even use push pins. I'd go buy a box of sewing pins, with the small plastic balls at the heads of the pins, and push the pin through the pattern so only the pin itself is underneath the pattern.

If you use heavy backingboard, it'll be rigid and stable, then just poke the pins through the top down to the wood. Let the pin points contact the wood.

Oh yeah, and definitely do a few test runs. Just glue some 2x4's together, saw out the general shape of your body, then practice the burst. See how far away you should be holding your sprayer. What angle. How many passes. How high or low the pattern should hover above the body.

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