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Need some inlaying advice


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I never imagined this stuff could dull saw blades so quickly. Anyway, I have some nice Mexican abalone blanks (10 - 1" X 3/4" ovals) The problem is none of them are flat. They are all convex/concave and I'm afraid some of the larger pieces I cut won't sit quite right in the wood. I want to use the convex sides up, thats where the nice patterns are, but if I sink them into the wood with the highest part (center) level with the wood then the outer edges will be below level. How do you deal with this, just fill the edges w/ epoxy until level with the wood? Or do the pieces initially have to be flat?

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How much depth of concave are you talking? If the pieces are thick enough you might have to sand them flat. I don't think you want the pieces sticking up past the fret board. I think putting epoxy around the would work, but it wouldn't look pretty.

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Your best bet is to start out with, and then STAY with, flat blanks :D

Cutting blanks and grinding them is an entirely different art than inlaying!

It's also more dangerous due to the amout of dust produced.

Take $45.00 or so and buy an ounce of blanks.

You'll be happy you did.


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