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Slotting Nut For 7 String Electric

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Hi guys,

I started 7 string project and I need to make a nut for it (nut width is 49mm like petrucci musicman 7 model). My question is, how much should E string be spaced from neck ends. On 6 string guitar it's common to have it at about 3.5mm, does that apply here as well? I ask because making outer spacing 3.5 mm will leave less space between strings compared to 6 string models.



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Well really I guess the answer is that it's up to you! Whatever you find most comfortable to play. This is the beauty of making your own neck and nut. You can use a bought pre-cut nut, which will already have the end spacing determined. But since you say you're making your own nut, then you can make it as you wish.

You could make as narrow a neck as possible, but obviously you won't want the outer strings so close to the edge of the fingerboard that you end up bending notes off the 'board. On the other hand you could make the 'board wider to accomodate a wider string spacing, but you probably don't want the 'board overly wide either, as that can make it harder to get your hand round! The profile of the neck will also affect the comfort of course, as will the type and height of the bridge.

I don't know if you'll find a definitive answer to your question.

I think it's a case of making what feels right for you.

Hope this helps!


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