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Anyone Here Remember Pulse Guitars?

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Hi all,

I just came across this on eBay. My very first electric guitar was a Pulse, still have it in fact! It's a kinda Explorer-meets-Vee shape.

I've been looking on the 'net many times since for any mention of Pulse guitars, but to no avail.

I remember you got a choice of at least 3 bodies: strat, vee and the-one-I-have. I think you could have about 4 colour options - I had white, and I've since seen red and black ones on eBay. Think you could get blue as well??

24" scale length, cheap lightweight plywood bodies, awful open tuners, soft plastic nut, scratchy electrics, 21 (yes, 21) frets.

But: bound fingerboard (ooooo!!), reasonable pickup, OK fulcrum trem bridge, nicely balanced, slim quick neck.

Just wondered if anyone here knew of them, or could point me to more info, just for nostalgia's sake really!


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Could be a house brand guitar. I once had a Memphis guitar which was a house brand for CA House Music out of St.Clairsville OH. If that's the case you'll likely find very little help on locating it's origins as house brand guitars are pretty much extinct .

Thomann.de still put out Harley Benton products, which are their house brand.

Not strictly on topic, but hopefully helpful to someone.

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