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Why Doesn't My Neck Angle Match Another Guitar?

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I have 2 guitars...one is an '80s USA B.C. Rich Warlock with a 22-fret bolt-on neck and non-recessed Floyd Rose. The other is my first build, a 7-string 24-fret bolt-on with a non-recessed Floyd Rose. The distance from the bottom of the neck heel to the top of the frets is the same on both necks (1.0625"), and the neck pockets are the same depth (3/4"). The Warlock's bridge is set with the strings leaving the bridge 11/16" off the top of the body, and the action at the 22nd fret is just under 1/8" (yeah, I like relatively high action). On my build, the strings are leaving the bridge at 9/16" off the top of the body (the lowest the bridge will go), and the action at the 24th fret is 1/4".

Why is this such a drastic difference, and how much can I expect to need to shim the neck pocket to make it match?

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