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Emg Select Bass Humbucker Pickups

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I am going to build an ash Telecaster bodied bass with a Maple P bass style neck, purple heart fret board and large P headstock for home recording. Has anyone used the EMG select bass humbucker pickup?

There are some reviews on the Select P bass style pickup but none I can find on the standard humbucker shaped pup which is the hottest of the range.

I want to keep it simple with a tone and volume and a single neck mounted pickup.

I was planning to build a Tele guitar (the body is already made) but as I already have a real nice Strat I built, I figured a bass would be more use. A Tele shaped bass is less common than most other body shapes as well.

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I haven't used the humbucker type, but I have an EMG Select P/J combo in my bass. I agree with what was said above...it's not the best, but I enjoy it. If this is for high quality recording you might want something a little better, but I am happy with my pickups. I'm guessing that the humbucker model would be about the same quality as the P/J pickups. Good luck with whatever you decide on!

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i personaally like them; i got a humbucker and jazz combo, seriously its my favorite sounding bass; you rely on your amp for getting the volume cause theyre not perticularly loud , but its warm and perfect i think for the design ; not wanting to buy gibson mini h.b. and stuff; its an sg i made;

one thing to keep in mind about the humbucker specifically is its size;

keep it close to the fingerboard or your strings will not be centered over the entire pup.

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