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Identify Shade Of Red

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Hey I was wondering if any one could identify the colour in the picture (link follows) and where to get the nearest match to purchase within the UK, or even if they know of any colour that matches around the world (like what car is painted the same colour or something)


I'm told its black and white swirled over a red base. But I was wondering if any one knew of a shade similar to that, that they could point me towards.

I'm thinking a car spray would be a good base for swirling my body onto. Its thick, durable, simple etc, any comments on that?

My build is getting to the point where I need to start experimenting with swirling as the contstruction will be finished soon, but I havent got a clue what base coat to use.


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Go to an auto parts store, and look at their touch-up paints. Find one you like, take the color code, then go to an autobody shop and have them shoot your geetar. There's a shop local to me, who does LOTS of guitars. When we try the fluorescent orange, we're going to them to do it.

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