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Inlay For My Personal Build

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This will be the 12th fret (spans 6 frets) inlay on my personal build. I'll get a build thread up sometime in the near future.

I might recut the wing as I don't like how the light is messing with the colors in it, I wanted it to be more gold.


BTW-it's backwards, the other side still has the paper on it, and I still need to pierce the eye.

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Nice inlay, really looks great, looks like it took a lot of care and concentration.

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You're hired!!!

Next guitar, I'm sending my neck to you, and you're gonna unleash some fury for me!!!

Excellent work, excellent. Elaborate, detailed, yet elegant and classy. Not gawdy or complicated to the eyes, just enough going on to make it pop out at you and show off.

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More progress on this one-I'll get the full build up as I mentioned, a bit farther down the road.


I sucked up the front foot in the shopvac and never found it. I recut one and am not as happy with this one. Also some areas snapped as they were pressed in for gluing (not in the million times for fitting), probably because i wasn't using my fingers for fear of being superglued to the fingerboard forever.

Still I'm happy overall.

PS-OH . . .so my tip for anyone doing inlay . . .PUT IN A BRAND NEW BAG in your Shopvac before you start. Also, cover the end of the hose with a screen. Then when you still manage to suck up a piece, you can find it easy rather than sift through 3 gallons of dust from who knows what, dead mice, and all manner of nastiness . . . .and still not find the piece.

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