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Jaguar Redesign Electronics


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Okay, well I'm planning yet another guitar, to be built after I finish a 12 String Teardrop and a semihollow bass. This one will be my "experimental guitar", I guess you could say... It's gonna have onboard effects.

First off I was planning on putting this in.

I love the sound & "experamentability" :D of vintage tape echos, and this sounds so so sooo perfect for me. Has anyone tried this, or another one of his products? If so, what did you think of it? I know it wont give you the same sound as the real thing, but that's okay : P

Then, I'm going to make my own fuzz circuit using a online schematics. (I think I found one that fits my needs, labeled 60's Fuzz, really simple)

Second question. I have a unused switch that needs a purpose! Here's a layout of the guitar with labels for the controls:


The middle switch on the jaguar panel needs something to do... Suggestions? (The pickups are pretty much undecided at the moment, I'm looking for a nice vintage pickup... If I cant find one, p90s maybe?)

EDIT: Dont mind the dimensions on the guitar design, I wasnt bothering with porportions that much.

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No, I don't really use wah at all, really. Besides, I'll have the option of bypassing the effects completely. So I'm not to worried about all that.

Having the delay system with the time/repeat controls within easy reach to adjust/mess around with in real time is one of the main reasons for this ; )

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