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G&l + Fender Trem Differences

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Does anybody here know if fender and g&l 2 point trems have different saddle spacings or different pivot stud spacings? I've easily been able to find the spacings for the fenders but cannot find them for g&l's for some reason.

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I believe they're different, although I can't confirm this 100%.

This discussion on a Gretsch forum lists 73mm as the stud spacing for G&L bridges, which is a fair bit more than the approx. 55.5mm spacing for an American Standard two-post Strat bridge.

Looking on the G&L website at the "Legacy" and "S-500" guitars it confirms what I remember from playing one at the shop - the bridges seem to be set up with both posts outside of the bridge saddles, which would make them considerably wider spread than a Fender. Picture here of what I'm talking about.

Are G&L parts available aftermarket? I do like the feel of their trem and the sound of some of their pickups. I really should just buy one one of these days.

EDIT: answering my own question, yes they are, right on the G&L website's store. Weird. Who would have thought to look in the obvious place.

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